Vitaly Smirnov

The photography expedition XXI My Pacific Ocean

Moscow, 2012.07.01 – RIA NEWS. Media group RIA NEWS and the project Foto-Fond – the Photography Territory announce the start of the photography expedition XXI My Pacific Ocean dedicated to the summit conference of the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC), 2012.

21 photographers, the participants of the expedition announced by RIA NEWS, will go on a one- week journey to 21 states and territories of the APEC to return back with their Pacific Ocean photography histories.

RIA NEWS and the project Foto-Fond – the Photography Territory have gathered the golden set of the participants: the only Russian woman awarded with the Golden Eye Prize (the highest award of the World Press Photo) and the winner of the Eugene Smith Grant (one of the most prestigious grants in the photography); the only Russian representant of the French agency Magnum    Foto; other winners of the Russian and international photography competitions whose works are kept in the largest Russian and foreign museums, galleries, and private collections, and published in the world-famous issues.

The participants of the photography expedition are Natalia Berkutova, Emil Gataullin, Mikhail Dashevsky, Alla Dolgaleva, Ertiom Zhiteniov, Viktoria Ivleva, Liudmila Ketslakh, Yury Kozirev, Nikolai Kulebiakin, Sergei Maksimishin, Nikita Mashkin, Igor Mikhaliov, Dmitry Morgulis, Alexei Miakishev, Georgy Pinkhasov, Sviatoslav Ponamariov, Boris Register, Vladimir Siomin, Vitaly Smirnov, Sergei Trapezin, Andrei Shapran.

As one the results of the settled draw, Vitaly Smirnov will go to the Western Coast of Canada.